Things to do in Zagreb

Things to do in Zagreb

Zagreb is the political and cultural center of Croatia, the capital of the country, and a prosperous and vibrant city with some top (most fashionable) museums, shopping, dining and cafe culture. Zagreb is also a wandering city, most of the main activities are in the city center. This consists of two main parts: Gornji Grad […]

Top Attractions in Belgrade

Old BelgradeStep 1 — Kalemegdan ParkNote: Roadmap for reference only –(Kalemegdan Fortress)Belgrade starting point we have from Kalemegdan Park to begin a good reference map to select the trend attractions they want to go.Kalemegdan is not only a park, it is also a castle, and the castle in the park is the best witness of […]

Travel Guide to Albania

The Hachi Et Hempe Mosque is located in the heart of Tirana, the capital of Albania. It was built in 1789 and was named Molla Bey. Thanks to the work of Haxhi Et’hem Bey, the temple was completed in 1823. Haxhi Et’hem Bey is a descendant of Pacha Suleyman, a general of the Ottoman Empire […]