Becici beach

Bečići are the place in Budva municipality in Montenegro. The settlement is located north-east of Budva. Bečići have a beach about 2 km long, which is one of the most beautiful in Montenegro and the southern Adriatic. The Bečići Beach was awarded the Grand Prix in Paris for the most beautiful beach in Europe in 1935.

Bečići terrain is one of the main reasons why tourists like this place. The place is located between the beautiful contrast of the mountains on one side and the blue sea on the other. A lot of money has been invested in Bečići during the last few years, and the most significant investment was the construction of Hotel Splendid, which was worth 70 million euros. Also, other large hotels have been renovated.Bečići (as well as Budva in the immediate vicinity of Bečići) are a favorite place for young people who love night life and fun. The warm nights of Bečići offer entertainment that can last until the morning.

Bečići has recently been referred to as a small village, physically separated from Budva by the narrow peninsula of Zavala. Today, Budva’s main boulevard goes through Bečići, just next to the exclusive hotels, making Bečići an integral part of Budva. The semi-detached Zavala is now transformed into a new architectural symbol of the city. The coastal coral is connected with the Bečići by a short pedestrian tunnel through narrow peninsula.

Upon leaving the pedestrian tunnel, the walker hints that he will have to travel for a while through the luxurious hotel complex in Bečići, but it is easy to get to the beaches, which lead to the shore. The guest does not know where to go? Do you continue to go for a long beach of up to 1950 meters (to Rafailovic) or to turn right on pedestrian paths to reach the end of the Zavala peninsula? The seasonal guest has no similar dilemmas: he will swim on this award-winning beach, and will take advantage of its many summer activities.


The beach in Bečići is the greatest treasure in the country. It is 100 meters wide and it would take both space and time to enumerate full summer offer. The sandy beach is covered with the most scenic shores on the entire Montenegrin coast. At every moment of the hot summers and even in the winter, the geologic rarities collectors go to the shore to collect perfectly shaped tiny stones.

Stones are just perfect. Those fragments of the former sea rocks, which have been shaped for thousands of years, until they were shaped to perfection and sometimes unexpected forms: dull, oval, circular, tiny as a button or big as an egg. And that’s not all! Because the stones have several colors and shades: white, percolated with mineral toilets, gray, brown, green, brick-red. Nevertheless, at the highest price (among the now rare domestic collectors) is the so-called Sea glass. They are perfectly rounded glass fragments, up to a century old that the waves brought to perfection. The most popular specimen of Bečići Sea Glass (found in Montenegro) is today in White private collection.

All taken into account, it’s not rarity that ones who swim on the beach of Bečići put a towel on the beach instead of a plastic deck chair. They do this so that the heated pebblestones heat them through the towel and thus heal. In the upper waistband of the beach, the pebblestone replaces quite pure sand, but he, when viewed better, is made up of white, gray, brown and reddish-shaped grains.

On the other end of Bečićka bay is the old settlement Rafailovići. Although it is still sandy, the beach has few stones. Like a decoration! If we do not consider a new settlement on the cascades above, the old coastal Rafailovići are a fishing village. From Rafailović to Budva there is a walking trail of 3.3 km long. It is overwhelmed with over 200 sunny days a year.


By plane

Tivat airport is 20km away. During summer, there are daily flights to many European destinations. Throughout the year there are flights from Tivat to Belgrade and Zurich. There are minibuses from airport to Budva.

Podgorica airport is 65km away, and has flights throughout the year to Belgrade, Budapest, Zurich, Frankfurt, Ljubljana, Paris, Rome and Vienna.

Dubrovnik airport is 70km away from Budva, and maintains flights to many European destinations during the summer.

By bus

Bečići is very well connected with the neighboring countries by bus. During the summer, more seasonal lines are introduced. Buses are quite frequent and on schedule. Note that the Budva bus station might be tricky to find if you are first time in town.

By car

Almost all roads in Montenegro are two-laned only, and mostly are curvy mountainous roads, so speeds over 70 km/h (43 mph) are rarely legal, and rarely safe. If you travel from Podgorica to Bečići you will need 1 hour of driving, from Dubrovnik you will need more than 2 hours of driving