CNN Places Dubrovnik Among Best Medieval Walled Cities

CNN delves deeper into Dubrovnik’s history, placing the Pearl of the Adriatic among the best preserved medieval walled cities in the world.

It isn’t really news to state that many old cities were once walled, London included. As the years and centuries passed, with wars, conflicts and just time itself, the majority of these imposing city walls collapsed or were removed, meaning coming across intact walled cities in this day and age is a lot more difficult. CNN has compiled an impressive list of cities throughout the world which still have their (largely) untouched medieval walls.

The Pearl of the Adriatic has found itself ranked alongside Pingyao (China), Carcassonne (France), York (England), Xi’an (China), Obidos (Portugal), Quebec (Canada), Taroudant (Morocco), Mystras (Greece) and Avila (Spain).

You can view CNN’s full list by clicking here.

CNN ranked our very own Dubrovnik Walls, a source of not only abundant tourism revenue but enormous pride, at number four on the list. The publication writes that the walls surround the historic core and were built during the 14th and 15th centuries, with some parts being extended and strengthened up until the 17th century. They also wrote that no hostile army ever managed to breach the walls, and the great earthquake that destroyed many buildings in Dubrovnik in 1667 left the walls largely untouched.

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