Drina Regatta

The Drina Regatta is a central tourist and recreational event, held on the Drina River since 1994. It is organised by S.T.C. “Bajina Basta” and the Municipality of Bajina Basta for recreation in wooden rafts. The regatta is the most visited event in Western Serbia and central summer event on the water in the region.

In the old days it was called Drinus, and people gave it a name Zelenika and Zelenka (the green color of water). The River Drina surrounds Tara from the northwest and north sides and represents the longest river in the Bajina Bašta municipality with its 60 km length. Drina is one of the cleanest rivers in Serbia. In honor of the Drina rafters, the Drina Regatta race has been organized for 24 years. This is a sports manifestation gathering more and more contestants every year.

The traditional 28km route passes through the mountain scenery from Lake Perućac in Tara national park to the village of Rogačica. The downhill regatta is a fun, recreational event rather than a competition, with hundreds of boats, rafts and kayaks taking part and often accompanied by trumpet music and barbecues. The four-day event has attracted more 100,000 visitors annually and it features concerts and other entertainment such as diving from a bridge and a fish-soup competition.

The emerald-green, 346km-long Drina river flows along the border between Serbia and Bosnia and Hercegovina through canyons and gorges, with fast stretches tamed by artificial lakes and dams. The regatta passes by one of the iconic sights of western Serbia – the house on the Drina river. This wooden house, perched on a rock in the middle of the river, has existed for half a century, despite being periodically flooded away and rebuilt.

Drina Regatta has been a favorite summer destination for many public figures who are rafting on the river on the „VIP raft.“ Besides  “ VIP raft “ on the regatta are also sailing a few wooden rafts made like the original model of the old Drina rafters, who sailed on the trunks of felled tree from Tara mountain. Couple of boats with trumpeters traditionally follows several kilometers long line of Regatta rafters and gives rhythm to it.

How to apply for participation in the Drina Regatta

Application procedure is quite simple. At one of the points of application (Tourist Information Center in Bajina Basta or points at the start of Drina Regatta) it is necessary to buy a registration fee. The participation fee is 1500,00 dinars or $14 per vessel. With a registration fee is also obtained: Plastified number that is mandatory stick to the vessel, captain legitimation, evidence card for crew members and the rules of navigation. The evidence list should contain the names and details of all the crew members and the captain of the crew. Only persons whose names appear in the evidence list are considered to be participants in the regatta, and these persons are at the same time assured. Duly completed evidence card shall be delivered to one of the checkpoints. Each participant Drina Regatta irrevocably submits to the rules contained in the Rules of navigation.

Rules of navigation

The descent has a recreational character without elements of competition.

Kayaks and boats with oars without motor with up to 20 people can participate on  descent.

Each crew must have legitimacy with his commander (captain) that you will receive from the organizer, and who is responsible for the conduct of the crew during their stay in the water.

Participants descent, non-swimmers, be sure to wear life belt at the time of stay in the water.

Children under 15 years of age may participate in the downhill only if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Every individual and all the crews participating in the downhill at your own risk.

Vessel and crew without a completed record list is not considered to be participants in the downhill.

All crew members registered in the evidence booklet organizers start to descend on the sign of Captain regatta.

All crew members are required to maintain distance between 10 – 15 m during descent.

All crews and participants are required to follow instructions during the descent from the command of Captain regatta speedboats as well as instructions of other officials in charge of security that are specially marked.

All participants are obliged to respect the safety of others during descent, avoiding incidents and violation of the state border.

Not recommended free jumping from a boat into the river Drina and swimming during descent.

It is not permitted stopping on the left bank of the river Drina.

It is not allowed to display other symbols except the flag of businesses, sports clubs, as well as the official symbol of the state and the entities from which some participants are coming.

Each participant of this trip is personally responsible for their behavior and possibly endangering persons or damage done during the descent.

Not recommended consumption of alcoholic beverages in large quantities during descent.

Each participant or the crew, if they do not adhere to the rules of descent, will be excluded from it, if well-intentioned warning security officers remain without the desired effect.

How to rent a boat and find accommodation in Bajina Basta

In Tourist Info Center you can find information and contacts related to people who offer boat rentals, lodging, camping, by calling +381 31/866 903 you can get any information that is important to you to stay in Bajina-Basta. Prices issuance of boats and accommodation form issuers themselves so that they can vary. The price for the services they want to negotiate directly with the service provider.

Most Fest

In addition to numerous other events and activities as an integral part of the event is a big music festival “Most Fest”, where every year the most popular musician artists performs from all around the region. So far, the music festival main stars was: Atomsko Sklonište, Crvena Jabuka, Vlado Georgiev, Toni Cetinski, Riblja Čorba, JU Grupa, Plavi orkestar, Zabranjeno pušenje  and many others. Beside music festival “Most fest”  on the Drina Regatta event there are other musical programs in the first days of the event, organized by the Sport turstic center of Bajina Bašta, which gathers a large number of visitors.

How to get to Bajina Basta

Bajina Basta is a town of 14 000 inhabitants located in the middle Drina valley, on the right bank of the Drina River, at the foot of the mountain beauty Tara.

Bajina Basta is 166 km away from Belgrade via Valjevo. Between Valjevo and Bajina Basta was put through Fat hills 60 km in length.

Coming from Uzice to Bajina Basta over the pass Kadinjača through a length of 38 km.

Bajina Basta is situated 206 km from Novi Sad.

Bajina Basta distances from other cities: Niš – 206 km, Kragujevac – 150 km, Čačak – 100 km, Sabac – 139 km, Banja Luka – 312 km, Sarajevo – 184 km, Subotica – 345 km.

Organized public transport

There is a bus service to transport participants from Bajina Basta to the race start in Perućac. Buses from early morning, leave every 15 minutes from the bus station from Bajina Basta to Perućac on the day of the descent to the Drina regatta. There is an organized bus transportation from the finish of Drina Regatta in Rogačić to Bajina Basta and Perućac. There is no organized transport to the vessels. In addition to bus transport in Bajina Basta, there are a number of taxi carriers.