Neum the only seaside resort in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Neum is a city, tourist destination and the only municipality of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the Adriatic coast, located on the hilly coastline of the Neum-Klek bay. With its long and warm summers, and short and mild winters, Neum is considered to be one of the coastal towns which has the greatest number of sunny days in the year.

The city focuses on tourism and disposes of more than 7,000 beds. The hotels are open throughout the year. All bigger hotels offer diving, parasailing, rental of boats and water scooters.

The municipality has an area of 226 km2, 5600 inhabitants, and the city itself has around 4000 inhabitants. The length of Neum riviera is 9 km, and thanks to the fact that the coast is indented, this length amounts to 24 km. It was named after the ”old Neum”, located in the inland 2 km of the coast. Neum is truly a new city built on the steep slopes of the bay in the second half of the last century. The construction became more intensive after the construction of the Adriatic highway in 1965, and especially after the establishment of the municipality in 1978.

Visit Neum

The geographical position of Neum is very convenient for tourists, because of its proximity to the major tourism destinations in neighbouring Croatia. Considering that the price of accommodation and food in Neum is much lower than in nearby destinations in Croatia, Neum is very popular with travelers who prefer good value for their money. Dubrovnik International Airport is only 85 km away from Neum, and there are regular bus lines from Dubrovnik to Neum (along with multiple buses to Mostar and Sarajevo); additionally, most of the hotels and some of the private accommodation are available to book on line.

The climate is Mediterranean, with many sunny days. The sea temperature in July and August goes up to 27°, and winters are mild, it snows rarely. As regards the winds, the prevailing winds are mistral, tramontane (bora), sirocco and lebić, a southwest wind.

The largest number of tourists are from Bosnia and Herzegovina, but the number of foreign guests are also increasing each year. Most of the tourists from BiH are expected to come to spend their holidays for the reason of lower prices and as well for the vicinity of this tourist destination.

The first steps of the tourism date since 1911. when the Association of teachers proposed to the Terrestrial Government to establish worker’s holidaying places. Anyway, the first one was built much later, in the middle of the XX century. The development of commercial tourism got importance in 1977., by the construction of the Hotel “Neum”, which at that time was the second biggest hotel in former Yugoslavia. After Neum has obtained municipal status in 1978., two more hotels were built – “Zenit” and “Sunce”. At the same time, altogether the construction of the hotel complex, the infrastructure and other tourist contents have been developed.

As it is protected from the open sea by the peninsula Klek, Neum is considerably warmer comparing to neighboring places, and sea temperature is around 27 degrees Celsius during the summer. Bathing season lasts from June to September. Thanks to the politic of moderate prices, a large number of guests choose this place during the season as well as in off-season time.

The Mediterranean climate with many sunny days a year makes it a desirable tourist destination throughout the year. Pure sea water, walking along the coast, night entertainment, water sports will be long for you in a nice memory. Herzegovina’s original cuisine and various sea specialties of fish, crustaceans and shellfish are just a part of the rich gastronomic offer in hotels (“Sun”, “Neum”, “Zenit”, “Stella”) as well as in other ten family / family hotels and motels. The hinterland of Neum is rich in olive and vineyards, an ideal area for lovers of agritourism.

Every summer, in the second half of August / August, the traditional Croatian music and music festival “Ethno Fest Neum” is held. City has a modern sports center, suitable for the preparation of football teams in the winter.

Getting to Neum

Neum is located 60 km from Dubrovnik, 85 km from Dubrovnik International Airport, 70 km from Korčula, 70 km from Mostar, and Međugorje and 30 km from the border towns with Croatia and BiH, Ploče and Metković.

The Adriatic highway that passes through the city connects it to Dubrovnik (66 km) in the south, and Ploče (35 km), Makarska (80 km) and Split (140 km) in the north. An electric railwayline and the Sarajevo – Opuzen highway (18 km) pass through Neretva valley, from Sarajevo (210 km) through Mostar (75 km) and Ploče. Ćilipi airport in Dubrovnik is 85 km away, Mostar airport 70 km and Split airport 170 km. Such connections open up excellent tourism opportunities throughout the year.

All motor traffic between the Croatian towns of Ploče in the north and Dubrovnik in the south passes what has been known as the Neum corridor, a 9 km long stretch of Bosnia-Herzegovinian territory. Sometimes your passports are checked, sometimes not.

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