Ski resort Kolašin Montenegro

Kolašin a city of 4 500 inhabitants (and three ski clubs), lies at an altitude of 950 m, in the central part of Montenegro. On the one hand, it is bounded by the Belgrade – Bar route, as well as the other Adriatic highway. It is surrounded by mountain massifs of Bjelasica, Sinjajevina and Komova and a complex of centennial forests of the National Park Biogradska gora. A favorable altitude and unspoiled nature make it almost ideal for an aerial spa, very suitable for relaxation, recreation and winter sports.

Bjelasica is one of the most beautiful mountains in Montenegro. It is located in the heart of Montenegro, in the central – continental part, so it is evenly branched in four directions and actually has the shape of a circle. Its length and width is 30 km and its surface area is about 630 km 2 . It belongs to the municipalities of Kolašin, Mojkovac, Bijelo Polje, Berane and Andrijevic. Mountain Bjelasica is characterized by three specificities and important comparative advantages: very easy access and accessibility to the highest mountain peaks, the great wealth of the forest and the wealth of running water. The mountain has very good potential for skiing.

While Durmitor or Lovćen water is lost, everything here remains on the surface, it is covered with numerous rivers and rivers, the most important and the most beautiful Biograd Rijeka, and the pearl of this mountain Biogradsko jezero. Bjelasica is unlike other mountains in the region of volcanic origin. Hence, green summers and white winters. The highest peak of Bjelasica is “Black Head”, 2139 m high. The largest and most beautiful part of the National Park Biogradska Gora belongs to the Kolašin municipality.

The beginnings of modern skiing in Bjelasica are linked to the 1990s when the first lifts were built. Since then there is well-known ski center in Montenegro, 9 km away from Kolašin (about 15 minutes by car).

Ski resort

The “Kolašin 1450” ski resort at Jezerinama is located at an altitude of 1420 m. It was acquired by the sale of the former AD Ski Center Bjelasica after bankruptcy in March 2007. After the privatization, about 8,000,000 € was invested in the infrastructure of the company. All ski lifts and two-seater lifts have been completely reconstructed, which extends to 1840 m high “Ćupova” from which leads a 3 km long track, and a new six-seater “Vilina Voda”, which is still the most modern object of this kind in Montenegro, was built. New and extended existing ski slopes have been built.

Thanks to its altitude, the ski area belongs to a kind of air bath and is an exceptional tourist destination for vacation throughout the year.

Altitude: 1420 m – 1973 m;

Altitude difference 550 m;

The main trail is 4.5 km long. The total length of the planned ski trails held at the most recent standards in this area is 16.5 km;

Ski center Savin Kuk has all the content you need to enjoy: ski school, rental and service of ski equipment, night skiing;

2 ski lifts (“Vilina voda” – relatively new six-seater and “Ćupovi” – two-seater), 3 ski lift type tanks, 1 baby lift;

The total capacity of all ski lifts is about 5500 skiers per hour. Paths and technical facilities of the ski center enable you to ski more than 10000 skiers simultaneously.

Ski lift “Jezerine” is illuminated by lights that allow night skiing. Night skiing is open 4 days a week (Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays). As in previous years, seasonal ski passes do not apply for night time.

The new six-seater Vilina Voda is very fast and you can reach the plateau at 1450 m above sea level to the top at 1841 m above sea level in just a few minutes and there are several red and blue trails available.

The snow covers the mountain in the winter season in the height of 1 m to 3 m, and the skiing area also has a system for artificial snowmaking at the foot of the ski slope, which ensures that the ski season starts in mid-December and lasts until mid-April. Almost all lead through the forest except those on the top that are above the forest zone. Most are blue and red categorization. The trails are prepared in the summer period so that they can be skied on even when the height of the snow cover is minimal.

Trails are classified and marked as light, medium heavy and heavy, which means that there are trails available for all types of skiers and riders, from beginners to the most demanding ones. According to official data, the ski resort has 6 blue, 7 red and 3 black runs. However, some of them represent only “variants” of the same path, while black tracks are actually intended for freeriders because they are not regulated. Although the track marking is not really enviable, there is no chance of being lost because virtually all trails lead to the bottom of the ski resort at 1420 m.

Contemporary snowblowers perform their job every day. The Mountain Rescue Service (GSS) was also organized. There are also several ski schools in Jezerinama, which are run by instructors with international licenses, and you can also rent ski equipment.

There are two ski clubs in the town, Bjelasica and Trebaljevo. The traditional “Golden Fox” skiing competition is held every year in Bjelasica. Snowboarding is held every year during the February winter festival.


You can get to Kolasin from Belgrade by train,  by car or by bus, by way of Beran or Bijelog Polja towards Podgorica.

Car: The town of Kolašin is located 395 km from Belgrade, and it is reached via the sea or Podgorica road. Route goes to Ibarska highway over the Rudnik and Čačak, and continues to Užice, Zlatibor and Prijepolje. After the border crossing Brodarevo crosses, the road leads another 70 kilometers through Bijelo Polje and Mojkovac. Without being at the border, you will need about 7 hours to reach the destination.

If you come from Podgorica, the route is 70 km long and partly goes through the Morača canyon, so it takes just over 1 hour drive.

Train: For all adventurous lovers, one of the options is certainly the arrival of the train, as the railway station in Kolašin is less than 1 km from the city center. Train from Podgorica starts every 2 hours, starting at 6:45 h.

Bus: As far as bus transportation is concerned, from Belgrade there are 4 departures: at 04:00 h, 07:00 h, 08:30 h 19:00 h. From Podgorica every day several buses run for Kolašin.

Since the ski resort is away from Kolašin, it is to be reached by car or taxi. One of the benefits of the ski resort at Jezerama is a parking space that can receive over 300 vehicles, even on weekends.