Ski resort Tornik on Zlatibor Serbia

Ski resort Tornik is the largest ski resort on Zlatibor, away from the tourist center of Zlatibor 9 km. Renovated and expanded four runs: Čigota, Tornik, Ribnica and Zmajevac and installed the most modern six-seat lift capacity of 3000 skiers per hour, the speed of five meters per secounds, with 107 seats and a debt of 1850 meters.

Zlatibor is located on the 238th kilometer of the Belgrade-Montenegrin coast road and is one of the most visited mountain-tourist destinations in Serbia. The average altitude is 1,000 meters, and with more than 2,000 sunny hours a year and its continental climate, Zlatibor is a kind of air spa – flights of an oasis of peace and clean air, and in the winter ski resort.

A vast plateau full of pine trees that get incredible golden glow in the sun’s rays makes Zlatibor one of the most beautiful mountains in Serbia. Serbian capital of mountain tourism, buzzing with tourists during the summer and during the winter alike, is located at an average elevation of 1,000m, and is surrounded by peaks Tornik (1.496m), Čigota (1.422m) and a number of lower ones.

Zlatibor mountain

Zlatibor is a mountain that covers an area of ​​about 1000 km2, it is 30 km long and 15 km wide. It stretches northwest-southeast. The highest peak is Tornik (1496 m). The resort and seaside resort as well as the climate resort are known. Zlatibor is located in the northern part of the area called Stari Vlah, the border region between Raska, Herzegovina and Bosnia.

The climate on Zlatibor is alpic and subalpic with its characteristical signs. Summers are pleasantly warm with cool nights and winters are quite long and relatively strong with lots of precipitation. March is the driest month of the year and most abundant rainfall is in May and October. Summer precipitation is sometimes accompanied by strong rainshower or hail and it is often announced by strong thunderstorm and storm winds. Snow is falling from October till May with shorter or sometimes longer breaks and it covers the ground approximately a hundred days.

Zlatibor hasn’t got any natural lakes. At Kraljeve Vode a small artificial lake was made for the tourists in 1947 and it is supplied with water of  the clean mountain stream Obudovica. In summer it is a bathing resort and it is a kind of tourist settlement Zlatibor decoration. It is 150 m long and 50 m wide. High pine trees encircling it make pleasant shade and freshness in warm summer days.It is surrounded by nice walking paths and benches for the guests to take a rest. During the summer a boat ride or pedalling on the lake is possible.

Ribnicko jezero is another bigger artificial Zlatibor lake. It is situated 7 km southwest of Obudovicko Lake. It is built on the river Crni Rzav in Ribnica and serves as drinking water supply of Zlatibor tourist centre. The very name of the lake (fish lake) talks about abundance of fish in it: chub,trout, carp, tench and sheat- fish, so development of sports fishing is possible. This extraordinary attractive hydro object in a wonderful natural miljeu between Ribnica, Kraljeve Vode and Vodice attracts a great number of visitors fishermen and recreatives.

What is especially significant and what sets Zlatibor apart other mountain centers is exceptionnaly great number of sun-lit hours (insolation), on the average about 2000 hours per year. The greatest number of sun-lit hours is noticed in July (267 hours) and August (260 hours) and the lowest one in December (75 hours).

Zlatibor plateau leans towards the north and northwest that results all the waters to flow into the Black Sea through the Drina, the Djetina and the Moravica. The rivers and streams are rich in various kinds of fish. The powerful river Uvac with its deep river bed and very beautiful canyon runs through the southern part of Zlatibor.

Appropriate soil constitution, excellent  climate conditions and richness of plant cover enabled plenty of waters on Zlatibor. The rivers Uvac and Crni Rzav carry water from southern and central parts of the mountain, the northern and northwestern waters run from the Susica into the Djetinja, while the Veliki Rzav collects water streams from eastern parts and delivers them into the Moravica.

It is believed that Zlatibor got its name after the white pine – trees with yellow conifers of old gold colour, which used to cover the wavy slopes of Zlatibor.Scientific name of this pine tree is Pinus Silvestris Variegata Zlatiborica.

Another legend says that Zlatibor was called after the wealth of pine tree forests, which used to be the main source of income to the settlers coming from Montenegro and Hercegovina. They used the wood as building material, and they also used to make tar and kindling wood from it, which they were selling in Šumadija and Dalmacija, and it was “worth gold”. They used to praise it: “It’s a golden pine tree”.

The third legend says that it got its name after the mountain pastures, that become yellow – gold yellow colour in autumn.

Ski resort

Tornik is the new old ski resort 230 km from Belgrade and 40 km from Užice. It is located at an altitude of 1,110m to 1,490m. The total capacity of the ski area is about 5,400 skiers per hour. Tornik ski resort is equipped with a six seater chairlift, with the capacity of 3,000 skiers per hour, two T-bar ski lifts with total capacity of 2,400 skiers per hour. Four runs, Cigota, Tornik, Ribnica and Zmajevac are covered by an artificial snowing system, so this ski resort no longer depends on weather conditions.

The ski resort Tornik has a special type of installation, the so called tubing, which, as the chairlift itself, can be used during both summer and winter periods, and provides immense pleasure and excitement to all who decide to try it. The ski resort is equipped with a children’s playground and a carousel.

Ski center characteristics:

  • Height above the sea level – 1100 m
  • The highest peak – 1496 m н.в
  • Total length of ski paths – 5 кm
  •  Number of ski lifts and cables – 3
  • Number of easy ski paths (the blue line) – 1
  • Number of medium difficult paths (the red line) – 1
  • Number of difficult paths (the black one) – 1
  • Maximum height difference  – 373 m
  • The longest path – 2550 m

In the very center of Zlatibor at Obudovica there is an area for recreation and winter sports with one anchor-like ski lift and several baby ski lifts. Renting skis, snowboards, sledges, motor-sledges, and other ski equipment is possible also on the paths. Thanks to terrain configuration there are ideal conditions for Nordic skiing and biathlon on Zlatibor and numerous competitions are held here.

The ski center is detailed for the winter and is the only one in an environment where all the routes to the construction works are worn out of them. All trails are filled with bushes and sown grass so that the skis do not require a ski service after skiing. Two new warriors Kassbohrer 600 and 300 guarantee the course of the track, and the new 36 snowballs capable of covering all the tracks will extend the season for 100 days so that skiers can count to Tornik, not only as a weekend center, but also as a center on which he is staying for several days.

There are three tracks on Tornik itself, and this black Zmajevac is wide from 150 to 200 m long 1 km, which is ideal for top training and an excellent challenge for real skiers. Some Tomorrows, when they attack a lot of new snow, and waiters wait for their first job for skiers, then it’s an incredible experience to ski on the go. Zmajevac goes from the top of Tornik 1496 m / nv and has a height difference of 320 m.

The eye of Zmajevac goes giant slalom Trail length of 1.300mi is red in configuration and is beautiful for long curving bends. It extends with a mild crossing of 600 m and crosses the Bandera trail, which is about 1 km long and descends to the base of Tornik and the Pane’s six-seater station. These three trails are still served by two expres anchors Bandera and Krnevo plandiste.

The full season ski pass is 1.250 dinars (12 euros) for adults and 900 dinars (9 euros) for children from 5 to 12 years. There is also a “tubing” course, and the individual card is worth 150 dinars.

Tornik Ski Center is surely the most beautiful gift to residents of surrounding towns such as Užice, Čačka, Prijepolje, etc. but we are sure that every skier who is brought to Zlatibor will find something for himself here. As a weekend destination, or one day, Tornik will satisfy even the best skiers, but if expansion plans are to come, perhaps you will also be invited to a multiday skiing. And if you like to enjoy the other benefits of a tourist offer, and if you like beautiful nature, Tornik is definitely the right destination because the ski resort is just the heart of the evergreen paradise, which makes the atmosphere even more complete.

Getting there

To Zlatibor you arrive by motorway E-70 Zagreb-Beograd, then the main road E-763, which runs from Belgrade to Montenegro. Distance from Belgrade is some 210 km. The road is good, but it is quite loaded with traffic, which attracts numerous patrols of the traffic police. Therefore, it is safe to adhere to the speed limitations. Through the larger cities, besides Belgrade, they also go through Čačak and Užice.

By coming to the ski resort you will be welcomed by a multitude of hotels and private villas with accommodation capacities of different categories. Zlatibor is practically a small town. There are banks, exchange offices, pharmacies, sports equipment shops, footwear and clothing, and most are restaurants, cafes and nightclubs.

Tornik Ski Center is 9 km away from Zlatibor, or 15 minutes drive on a good asphalt road. If the weather is nice, which is not rare in these areas, you will not be too bored with finding the right track, because the slopes are also visible from the resort. However, two important turnarounds are marked with large boards, so the ability to miss the turning is minimized.

By arriving at the destination you will not be overly large parking, which is worth 100 Serbian dinars, which is about 1 euro. If it is a weekend, try to get it as early as 10 o’clock is the question of whether there are enough free parking spaces in the parking lot. If there is no parking, you will have to park a few hundred meters from the ski lifts.