The most beautiful places to run in Croatia

All sports activities are simpler if they can be done in nature. Here are some of the places in Croatia where every runner, recreator and professional can enjoy sports in wonderful landscapes of Croatia.

  1. Maksimir, Zagreb

In the green oasis of Zagreb you can choose between seven different lengths of 1 to 6 kilometers. The longest begins at the main entrance, runs along the first Maksimirsko lake towards Vidikovac, then next to the third lake and back to the main entrance. The whole route is sanded with gravel and it is recommended to run the day because, at least for those who do not know the terrain, it is somewhat complicated by the orientation. If you get lost, you are at least able to visit all the five Maksimir lakes, which are actually fishponds.

  1. Nature Park Papuk

The most beautiful mountain of Slavonia is the ideal place for all mountain runners. The starting point of the racetrack is most often the Jankovac Mountain Lodge from which you can “stretch” the route for more than 10 kilometers. In the Forest Park, a karst terrain prevails, which is in fact untouched for this area. Trails that go through thick woods are demanding and orienting and physically, but green, clean and healthy air is exactly why many runners decide for this location. In Nature Park Papuk, the mountain race “Pearl of Slavonia” is running for 10 years.

  1. Marjan, Split

Running on a 170-meter-high hill, overlooking Split, surrounded by mountains and the sea, provides a unique experience for all recreations and athletes. The tracks are concreted, which is not the best option for the joints of the runners, but there is no day at this site gathering a large number of people, from those who enter the world of running just to those who are preparing for the ultramaraton.

  1. Walls of Ston

One of the most unusual races in the world runs on the peninsula of Peljesac, in the town of Ston. Experienced runners are chosen for this location because running on steep high walls requires excellent physical readiness.After a hard climb on the staircase, the view from the top of the wall takes breath away. If you endure this difficult part of the route you follow the straight part of the track along the sea. Running in untouched nature, regardless of the extraordinary physical effort, experience that is never to be forgotten.

  1. Wings for life race, Zadar

Running a Wings for Life World Run race is a special feeling. A humanitarian goal is run by thousands of people from around the world. 100 percent of the start-up amount is invested in financing scientific and clinical research aimed at cure spinal cord injury. This racing location is not a common racing route, but for the needs of this global road race, it is closed for all vehicles.

The May 7th Wings for Life World Run race starts from Zadar, from the Forum, not far from the beautiful symbol of the city, the church of St. Donata, then climb up to the Adriatic highway and drive to Primošten. The track along the coast continues south facing one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the world, consisting of numerous islands, islets and cliffs.

  1. Medulin, Istra

Medulin is a well-known destination for athletes’ preparations. There are 14 kilometers of natural and circular athletics trails available. Sea climates and vegetation are a great choice for those who have decided to move away from hot asphalt and busy everyday life. Scientists from the University of Iowa State say that one hour of running lengthens life for 7 hours so there is no reason for this effect to increase by running just next to the Adriatic Sea.

  1. Along the Drava River, Osijek

Running along the Drava River provides a sense of calm and relaxation. Because of the views of the natural environment of the Drava, parks and historical monuments of Osijek, every physical effort seems easier. The whole circle, from one side of the Drava to the other, over two bridges, is about 3.5 kilometers.

  1. Murter island

In the bay of Podvrška there begins a well-groomed path covered with dense pine trees. Ideal for runners who do not want to be exposed to strong sunlight during running. The magic of these locations completes the view of the Kornati Islands, which is clearly visible for a clear time. With a turquoise blue sea you can run a 2,3 km route, down to Pod Raduč Street.

  1. Ludbreg

Through the landscape of the Lude and Calvinist hills and forest runners can choose a simpler and more demanding route. Experienced runners are recommended for a 33km long track with more than a thousand meters of ups and downs. There is a lighter track of 16 kilometers, with less than 500 meters of ups and downs. One of the more famous races running on these tracks is the Crazy Hill Trail running race.

  1. Leska trail, Risnjak National Park

Leska trail was created in 1993 and is primarily intended for pedestrians. But as it goes through an area of rich vegetation, it is ideal for those runners who want to spend their time in a true natural environment. It is circular and long is 4.5 kilometers, and the beginning and end is in the center for visitors to Crni lug. It’s best to run in the summer, as the average temperature in the Risnjak National Park is 22 degrees.